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How Utilizing QuickBooks Can Benefit Your Business

September 26, 2021

You may be wondering what QuickBooks is and how it can help you. QuickBooks is accounting software that businesses utilize to manage sales and expenses. It can also track daily transactions. It can be used to invoice customers, pay your bills, generate reports, help with tax filing, and much more. There are different QuickBooks options which means you can find a solution that is great for your business.

Small businesses can utilize QuickBooks for a wide variety of things that can be beneficial for you. 

Sales & Income Management 

You can create invoices to track sales. This allows you to easily track what customers may owe you. There is a report that allows you easily see your accounts receivable which details both current and past due invoices. 

Track Expenses

QuickBooks will automatically keep track of your costs and expense. It can connect to your bank and credit card, so they are recorded directly in QuickBooks. If you use checks and cash, you can easily record it in the system to keep it up to date. There is also a report that can show you your accounts payable so you can keep up with your payments owed. 

Insightful Reporting

There is a multitude of reports that can be pulled from QuickBooks that will show you many different things. You can better manage your cash inflow and outflow activities. These reports can be very influential in the decision-making progress. 

Payroll & Inventory

You can also utilize QuickBooks to run your payroll and track your business’s inventory. This can help you prevent mistakes that can result in penalties and unhappy employees. 

QuickBooks can really help your business. When you are looking for a Certified public accountant to help you begin using QuickBooks, rely on the small business accountant at Follin and Associates, PLLC. Our team can help when you are looking for tax preparation services or looking to get QuickBooks for your small business. We are proud to offer our services in the High Point, Kernersville & Greensboro, NC areas. Contact us to learn more about how our certified public accountants can help you. 

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